Jan. 6th, 2009

The Twits.

Jan. 6th, 2009 12:25 am
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These are the twits I twitted.

  • 10:02 Day one of New Organizational Danceoff! Dance, white boy, dance! #
  • 14:11 Mrph. 'Minimal' sleep apnea, with a strong recommendation to lose weight. Well, that's... helpful... I guess... #
  • 14:13 Right. If the brainfog isn't coming from sleep apnea issues, I need to escalate finding out where it *is* coming from. #
  • 15:04 "Hi! Remember when we were doing this thing in November? It didn't work for me and I need it now." "Why... didn't you tell us in *November?" #
  • 15:05 Off to be shot full of allergens. #
  • 22:33 And now, dutifully fasting against having blood sucked out of me, tomorrow. #
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This'll be a pretty brief post.

We're in a bad recession -- one that's worldwide in scope.

The parent company that owns livejournal laid off a variable number of workers this morning, which sucks. They claim it's to cut redundant workers between their home office and this one.

Chances are likely that's what it was.

It really sucks for the people who were fired, some of whom were excellent workers or at least good LJ correspondents, from most reports.

Livejournal is not going to shut down tomorrow.

There have been massive layoffs in almost every industry as the economy is tanked. There will be many more. Some of the companies doing the laying off have shut down after a time, others have not. This time, it strikes close to home for people who've used Livejournal for a long time.

Do not panic.

Do not overreact.

If it makes you feel better to use one of the tools for backing up your livejournal, by all means back up your livejournal. I will never say backups are a bad thing.

If you are so incensed that they laid off good people that you're going to go elsewhere, I respect that. At the same time, you're going to run out of businesses that haven't laid good people off pretty quickly. It's a crappy economy. That's what happens in a crappy economy.

However, this news, on the Oh My Fucking God How Dare They meter, is way below the ban-purges of a year+ back. This is just the nature of business when things go south. I'm personally going to proceed as normal and see if service goes radically south before reevaluating my options. I recommend that to others as well, because....

...well, because no matter where you go? You will not bring the culture and preponderance of users with you. I mentioned the long, slow fragmentation of Livejournal the last time there was a Thing, and I've been pleased that process has been very slow, but when it does happen it will be the end of an era of communication, not a transition.

Longer than I thought. Mrph. Regardless, my well wishes to the folks who find themselves out of work. That just plain sucks.


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