Jan. 23rd, 2009

The Twits.

Jan. 23rd, 2009 12:49 am
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These are the twits I twitted.

  • 01:02 Vehicle Voltron streamed over Netflix -- all the majesty of Voltron, but with bonus incoherence and fake Australian and Hindu accents. #

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Here are the top stories on different news websites, specifically highlighting political news, as they are listed, all on 'above the fold' placement (IE -- nothing in subsections below):


Gillibrand to succeed Clinton in the Senate (Large text, one sentence summary afterward)

Obama to reverse foreign abortion rule

Obama woos Congress on stimulus


Gillibrand to replace Clinton in the Senate (Large text, full paragraph summary afterward)

CNNMoney: Obama offers economy plan details

(No other political above-the-fold, not counting pictures of Obama on Air Force One and McCain responding to Sarah Palin jabs)

The Washington Post

Obama: New $825 Billion Stimulus Plan 'on Target' (large text, 1 sentence summary)

'War on Terror' Comes to an End (headline, 1 sentence summary)

Gillibrand Named to N.Y. Seat (headline, 1 sentence summary)

U.S. Approves Stem Cell Study (headline, 1 sentence summary)

The Wall Street Journal

Gillibrand Is Picked As New York Senator (headline,1 sentence summary)

Obama: Stimulus Bill on Track

First Stem-Cell Trial Is Approved

The New York Times

Paterson Picks Gillibrand for Senate Seat (large text, 1 sentence summary, followup links)

Washington Confident It Can Forge Recovery Plan (large text, 1 sentence summary, followup links)

The Washington Times

Obama urges movement on stimulus bill (large text, 1 sentence summary)

N.Y. Gov picks Gillibrand for Senate Seat (large text)

Obama, seeing long dip, tempers hope for economy (large text)

Stem cell study for spinal injury OK'd

FOX News

Obama Reverses Bush Policy On Abortion (large text, 1 sentence summary) -- this automatically refreshed into "About-Face on Abortion" while I was compiling this.

Dems Wary of Hill's Replacement (large text, 1 sentence summary)

Resistance to Obama Stimulus Grows

Do you see just a slight -- just a slight difference between the Fox News headlines and all the others? Some of the above sources skew liberal. Some of them skew conservative (no one accuses the Washington Times of having a liberal bias). But all of them strive to report the news as news, regardless of their leaning. But on the Fox site, it's not that Gillibrand was chosen -- it's that 'Dems' are 'wary' about Gillibrand being chosen. And the proposed abortion executive order is news, unquestionably, but on the Fox site it's the top story and clearly poised to enflame.

Really, the closest sites to Fox news in tone are things like the Huffington Post -- which isn't a news site, but is instead a partisan organ -- and the overtly propagandish Moveon.org. Both of those latter sites are laudatory towards Obama and are virulently anti-Republican, but their tone and Fox News is roughly the same.

I know we've been joking about Fox for years, but there are people out there (I work with one) who think Fox News is in fact a legitimate news organization. Doesn't there reach a point when they become culpable for false advertising, if nothing else?
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...and all looks well. No signs of the Cardiomyopathy returning.

I still need to discuss different stuff with my cardiologist on Monday, so we'll see how my overall cardiac health is, but either way, I'm just as glad to not be having a Problem right now. :)


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