Mar. 18th, 2009

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...which means I can pimp out my closed beta arcs. :) This thing is awesome and addictive. Please, for the Love of God, play and rate the arcs I pimp to you now.

Arc 1240: Dash Davids and Team Dasher: The Lost Relics of Eden: DEV'S CHOICE Bold scientific adventurer Dash Davids and his crack team of two fisted intellectual heavyweights have come up with a means of driving the Devouring Earth temporarily out of a section of Eden. They are now investigating the area, finding and cataloging the artifacts and relics of ancient pre-Mu times that the Devouring Earth have brought to the surface with their upheavals. You are a villain, hired by the evil Doctor Iniquitous to beat Team Dasher down and rob them blind. (A very short 1-mission arc -- praised for writing and lots of fast, frenetic fun, based on everything from old Republic Serials through Doc Savage and all the way up to Johnny Quest. There are Elite Bosses, though also an Elite Ally. Be warned, but be there!)

Arc 1425: Ripping Out Reform: DEV'S CHOICE Something's rotten in the Rogue Islands -- or more to the point, something is fresh. The Rogue Island Police have started to clean up their act, purging the corrupt thugs who've traditionally terrorized their beats and actually beginning to uphold the law -- and the people behind it are spreading a lot of money around. You want that money, and you wouldn't mind stopping this reform movement in its tracks, either. (A Level 10-19 Villainside arc, with a lot of police action, chances for good old fashion money grabbing, and the occasional beatdown.)

Arc 2297: A Contamination Problem: Someone is experimenting with the Outbreak Drug, causing a detonation and contamination of a building with a more advanced, power suppressing strain. You have to rescue sick heroes and subdue Contaminated heroes -- and straight Contaminated -- with almost none of your powers. Then, after you make it out of that, you and the friends you make in that new Outbreak hunt down the man responsible -- a man who wants to weaponize Outbreak in a new way. (A heroic arc, starting at L1 and ending with a pile of Allies in a high powered free-for-all! Medium length.)

Arc 2561: Proactive Destiny: For too long, becoming a true, epic threat in the Rogue Islands means little more than 'earning the respect' of Lord Recluse, the Arbiters, Ghost Widow, Bob the Janitor and any number of other Arachnos nobodies. Instead, wouldn't you like to earn respect -- and fear -- by seizing your own destiny and terrifying hundreds of thousands in the process? Now's your chance. Grab a prominent scientist! Make him build a giant death ray! Coerce powerful villains to give you the help you need to make your dark vision a reality. Threaten all of Paragon City with destruction if your demands are not met. And beat down the so-called heroes who come to stop your destiny from taking form! (An experiment in creating a truly proactive adventure, as well as high level L40-50 villainside content where your only goal is extorting millions of dollars from the pathetic weaklings of Paragon City. This can be soloed with the right build, but a group may not be the worst idea ever.)


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