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This is something of a followup from yesterday. I was asked if I also did scenes or other bits to help me work out worldbuilding. The answer then was yes, and here's some of the evidence of that

Specifically, this is a scene set in one of those alternate universes -- one where the physics is set to fantasy/exotic instead of 'science fiction.' The high concept is relatively simple -- assume for the moment that the gods of the world were all real and struggled for dominance, and assume that the Greek Pantheon got that dominance around 13 B.C. and never let go. All the other gods are still out there, but they pretty much (happily or not) live under the dominance of the Greeks.

So. Here's a little ditty set in that setting, just to help get a feel for the world. I have to give action Mason Kramer a credit and a thank-you as part of this. And of course I'll stick the whole thing behind a cut lest the world become a dark and forbidding place. Later on, when I set up my writing groups on Dreamwidth so they'll pass through, stuff like this will be stuck on the writing filter and those not interested won't have to see.

As for how this differs from... writing with Intent (as in, Intent of Publication) -- well, this is in a way the textual equivalent of sketchbook pages. Before I can actually write about this world, I have to try a few things out, see how they run, feel how the characters feel, explore a few things... it's like doing six different sketches of a character in a sketchbook -- they're all a bit rough, perhaps, but they give the artist a chance to work out what works best visually for the character before drawing him 'for real.'

For now, please click through if you actually are interested, and please enjoy the cheese plate.


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Dec. 22nd, 2007 03:52 pm
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So one of the things in the back of my head, while working on Justice Wing stuff, is "where can I go with this."

I mean, it's fun to write, but the major difference between it and Superguy (besides my being a significantly better writer now than I was back in the day) is it could go somewhere. I could actually publish a novel.

But... writing superhero fiction is dicey, because absent the characters that have already entered the culture, there's pretty steep barrier. You have to introduce everyone, set things, and also be engaging enough to be read.

And if you're going to write a novel about stuff like this... well, I realize, I'm a lit major, but... I'd like to write something with something under the surface a little deeper than "Power Guy smacked Evilite while Spandex Babe arched, her suit straining." I mean, it's not going to be The Great Gatsby but I'd rather it not be Remo Williams has sex and kills a dude too, you know?

And then it smacked me in my brain. Which means not only do I have my novel? But I'm already twelve thousand words into it.

And Christ knows how many I'll need to get out of it.

I guess I know what's going to dominate Banter Latte for the next few weeks.


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